Literacy Tree

Literacy Tree is a complete, book-based platform for key stage 2 that covers all requirements of the English curriculum. The books chosen help children at Noremarsh to grow ideas and expand their minds. Teaching is usually done in blocks of work that last between 2 – 4 weeks.

You can read more about the Literacy Tree statement of intent and how it cover the National Curriculum here (insert literacy tree intent PDF)

It starts at the roots. Literacy Tree provides book-based planning sequences, Writing Roots, which embed all aspects of the literacy curriculum and engage our children to write with clarity and purpose.

We grow literary knowledge through Literary Leaves. This is where a range of sequenced activities take children through whole books to teach reading comprehension and create critical readers. Literary Leaves uses a real variety of resources from novels, poetry collections and high-quality, non-fiction books that connect to the Writing Roots through Literary Themes.